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Cosmo Girl Sea Glass Art

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If you or a friend are a lover of cosmopolitan cocktails - this very well be the most perfect gift! Featuring a frosted piece of clear glass painted red on one side, as well as a hand painted lime.

If you would like a custom saying instead of 'cosmo girl' please message me prior to your purchase - I'd be happy to accomodate any requests!

All sea glass is found by artist Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) and her son on their morning walks on the NJ Shore. When our well runs a little dry - additional pieces are graciously provided by friends & neighbors that live in the area ;)

  • Please note each and every sea glass piece is unique and made to order. If the selected piece is not in stock, please allow up to 5 days for the piece to be made before shipping. There may be slight imperfections in the pieces of glass, and overall appearance my vary slightly from the photos provided here.
  • Presented within a 4"x 6" white frame with glass situated *behind* the watercolor paper due to the sea glass pieces being three dimensional.
  • Inquire here for details to to place a custom order!