Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall 🍁

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall 🍁

This summer is one I’ll remember. We had the gift of spending three months with family, and I also had the chance to rediscover my playhouse from childhood - which is over 150 years old!
Charming Cottage aka She Shed by Sook & Hook
This adorable abode used to be a small stable for a pony, and the charm of the worn wood is irresistable. I couldn’t wait to get my camera out and snap my fall and winter collections within its walls. 
Dried Flowers in Oz Cottage sook & Hook
My dad, who is also an artist, painted the the tiny house for me in the theme of my favorite childhood movie, ‘The Wizard of Oz’.
Halloween sea Glass Art by sook & Hook
After taking pics of my Halloween sea glass art, I came across a fearless bullfrog chilling out by the pond not far from ‘Oz Cottage’. I had this inate feeling the little frog was a female - so I named her ‘Hexey’ as a nod to my husband’s German speaking roots ;)
Adorable Female Bullfrog sook & Hook
One Google search later, it turns out she is a girl - and I can imagine painting her likeness very soon with a witch hat and broom.

If you’re looking for some charming coastal Halloween decor for your home, look no further than Sook & Hook!

Cobwebs & Coastlines,
x Ashley

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